Our company is Yamamotosungyo Corporation. Our office is located in Hokkaido, Japan. We have been marketing "Ikasumi Powder". "Ikasumi Powder" is squid ink powder, the black food that is the result of processing squid ink into powder. We collect squid ink from all over the world and process it into powder in our plant in Japan. Its quality is the best in the world. It is food made in Japan. Rest assured of its safety.

"Ikasumi Powder" can color anything black. Needless to say, it is also used for adding the savory flavor of squid to cuisine. Please use it as an "edible black coloring" for your needs.

It is widely used for such dishes as pasta and risotto, etc. It has been used widely since the old days for black color food It is also extremely popular in Japanese cuisine. It is used for Ramen noodles, curry dishes and tempura, etc.

Highly valued for its properties as "Kanpo medicine", squid ink has been recognized as health food. ("Kanpo medicine" is the traditional medicine that originated in China ("kan") and was transmitted to Japan where it has developed in a way unique to Japan. )

"Ikasumi Powder" is marketed all over the world, but we are unable to accommodate customers' direct requests to our company. Our company do not engage in trade business. Please direct your inquiries to the trading companies in Japan.