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The product we handle is Ikasumi Powder.
Ikasumi Powder is a black food product made by processing squid ink into a powder.
Squid ink is used in pastas and risottos all over the world.
In Japan, it is used in a variety of ways, such as coloring for confections and other foods as well as in Italian and Japanese cuisine.

Squid ink had long been thrown away, until 1989 when the practice was considered wasteful and, using a unique technology, was turned into powder for use as a food product.
By turning squid ink into a powder, it became a product that was easy to use and long-lasting so demand grew by a large amount.

Ikasumi Powder is used as a food coloring, squid-flavored seasoning, and a black coloring agent that is safe when ingested.

Our squid ink is 100% golden cuttlefish ink.
Golden cuttlefish contain a lot of black ink, and in order to maintain the quality of the powder, we only use ink from golden cuttlefish.
Golden cuttlefish ink is transported to Japan and converted to a powder by a special heating process dedicated processing plant.

The ingredients for Ikasumi Powder are squid ink and dextrin.
Because it is processed in Japan it is a Japanese-made product.
Its quality and safety are the highest in the world.

There are also squid ink products such as pastes and sauces, but one of the features of powder is that it's easy to use and store in this form.
Just by sprinkling and mixing, delicious black foods can be created in an instant.

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Representative Yamamoto Chihiro
Sales Manager Yamamoto Khoichi
Establishment July 14, 1975
We started as a real estate rental business.
We began selling Ikasumi Powder in January 2004.
Capital Stock 3 million yen
Address 〒002-8074
Ainosato 4-5-15-7, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Contact Information Email:
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Telephone: +81 11 778-1230
Fax: +81 11 778-1225
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Affiliations The Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry  No.1267651
Corporate number 4430002020791

Located in East Asia, Japan is a country with beautiful natural scenery that changes with each season, a rich history and culture dating back to ancient times, and a harmonious combination of advanced technology and traditional values.
It is known for Mt. Fuji, cherry blossoms, hot springs, delicious food, martial arts, anime, and hospitality that is famous around the world.
Hokkaido is visited by people from around the world.
Blessed with the sea and lots of land, the region has fostered a food culture with its abundant ingredients such as seafood rice bowls, sushi, ramen, grilled mutton, and curry.
It is also a region with plentiful powder snow and Niseko and Furano are world-class ski resorts.


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